Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Netrash II

Feel like this needs some sort of caption.

Just got through reading Crime and Punishment, aye it was pretty good. Full of lots of horribly accurate insight and incredibly tense cat-and-mouse conversations between a murderer, the police, his friends and everything in between. Recommend it.

"The lodgers, one after another, squeezed back into the doorway with that strange inner feeling of satisfaction which may be observed in the presence of a sudden accident, even in those nearest and dearest to the victim, from which no living man is exempt, even in spite of the sincerest sympathy and compassion"

Merry Christmas

Happy holidays y'all.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Jeffrey Lewis

Jeffrey Lewis is a weird one, you either love him or hate him it seems. I first heard his unique tragi-comical NY hipsterism in 2001 when my mate played me a copy of 'The Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane". Which is still one of the better album names out there after 10 years. He writes crazy little songs, some poigant, some ridiculous, and some punk (Lewis actually recorded and entire album of Crass covers, appropriately titled 'Twelve Crass Songs'). He also draws and prints his own comic book 'Fuff' and designs flyers, posters, t-shirts and album art for himself and other bands including The Cribs. Some of his comics have become a part of his live show, where he narrates a large-format version, with music and lyrics. It's strange to see but excellent fun and sometimes educational, as in his comic on the history of communist China or his complete history of punk on the lower east side 1950-1975 (told in around ten minutes, liberally peppered with segments from dozens of punk tunes you know and many you won't). The guy is clearly still a bit of a nutjob but his intuitive approach to creativity, journeyman touring schedule and likeable hipster kookiness is all good by me.

As usual more info at:

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Netrash I

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