Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Raspberry Pi

Well that was a bloody shambles. Up at 5:45am this morning trying to get my hands on one of these. Announcement was made at 6:00am of where to get one. Somewhere around 6:01am the servers for both seller websites had a fucking stroke and that was that. Tired an grumpy now. Fair play to the manufacturers though, not their fault. But RS Components and Farnell UK should have been prepared. Poor form goofnuggets. Read more at


God. Fucking. Damnit. New favourite.


USUGROW from Louis Mitchell on Vimeo.

All I Own

Good idea this, if you really want to take a portrait that shows you who someone really is, why not just take a photo of them with everything they own?

Graffiti Fun or Dumb? (1976)

Stupid fresh! Old public service film about how dumb graffiti is, love it.


Tilt Hotel Room

This is too sick! Half-graffiti hotel room by Tilt.

Found at My Modern Met 

Cairo Memorial Wall

Short piece from Al-Jazeera on a memorial mural that popped up after the recent clashes in Cairo. Good point from the guy at the end about the streets being in opposition to the ministry, and the wall just being an extension of that.


Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Typography Sketchbooks

This looks dope, might have to get a copy. Looks like it's gonna run about £20-30 from Waterstones though. If you decide to pay for it. Just sayin'.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Fred Eerderkens

Some amazing work using shadows and perspective to create letters from Fred Eerdekens.
This guy must have the patience of saint to set these things up.


Pery Burge

Feeling these photographs from Pery Burge.


Braille Burgers

So Wimpy (remember them?) decided to make some burgers sesame seed braille lettering on top. Pretty strange but the look on the people's faces is awesome.


A Love Letter For You Trailer

This is worth posting if only for the voiceover. Film looks pretty interesting though.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Ticket And Sign Writers' Alphabets.

Got this little beauty in the post this morning, doesn't have a print date on it but it was published by Austin Rogers & Co back in the days when things cost 'ninepence'. So basically it's old as dirt. Some nice alphabets though. Some of the images are on their side, i don't know why this is. I have rotated them several different ways but Blogger wants them to go that way.


Boa Mistura Favela Typography

This is dope, nice optical illusion / perspective stuff from the Boa Mistura crew.

Plutonium Paint

Looks like these guys are back with a new website and an overhaul of their paint. I picked up a few cans of the old formula from Graff City ages ago to check it out and the paint quality was pretty good. I liked the way the cans were designed so you could get right in close to the wall without scraping anything, the cans did look pretty janky though and i remember thinking that fatcaps didn't come out all that fat. Still, if the new formula makes it over here and isn't as ridiculously expensive as the picture suggests i'll pick some up for a test.

Check out their website @

Free Music Friday

Bag yourself a free 60-minute mix by my man MF DOOM over at the Boiler Room website. Some nice low-down beats on there, good for them late nights. Gotta go through iTunes which is long though, but it's worth subscribing to their podcasts anyway.

Moss Graffiti

Wait, what?

(Click to enlarge)